Made in Colombia, Shipped from the U.S.A.

All our products are made in Colombia! Regarding shapewear, Colombia has established a new world standard regarding quality and comfort. That's why our manufacturing plant is based in Colombia; however, we are a U.S. soil company, and all our products are shipped to you from our warehouse in Miami, Florida.

We design the perfect balance between compression and comfort.

Shaping your body while keeping you comfy is a challenging task. However, after many years of design development, we created the perfect balance between compression and comfort throughout our product lineup.

A product made by women for women

Around 90% of our Colombian base plant employs women that are specialist shapewear manufacturers, these women not only help create the shapers but also run the company in many areas.

We can proudly say that around 80% of our workforce are women, check out our Colombian based manufacturing plant!

Made in Colombia with love

All our products are made in Colombia following the best standards of quality.